A Day of Training with… No. 1 Seed Caroline Garcia

Over the course of two weeks late last season, Caroline Garcia won 11 matches in a row and launched herself from a top 20 prospect to a top 10 staple. This week – as the world No. 7 and No. 1 seed at the Volvo Car Open – the Frenchwoman gives us insight to the off-court training that gives her an edge in match.

Volvo Car Open (VCO): What’s a typical training day?
Caroline Garcia (CG): On a normal practice day, I warm up for thirty minutes and then I work on court. It depends on the day, but most of the time it’s maybe one hour and sometimes two, then I go through recovery. In the afternoon, I spend one hour to one and a half in the gym. I’ll take another hour to do cool down, and then get some good food.

VCO: What are foods that help you with training?
CG: I try to be careful of carbs and sugar. I eat a lot of red meat before my matches. I try to cook for myself when I can, because I think it helps me manage what I eat. It’s easiest to do when I’m at home.

VCO: Favorite exercise? Least favorite?
CG: It depends what kind of mood I am in, but cardio is always difficult. But when I am done with it I am always proud of what I did… I have the feeling I pushed my limits. Those kinds of things give you confidence. And make me proud!

VCO: What kind of cardio do you usually do?
CG: Side to side.

VCO: Side to side on the court? For how long?
CG: For too long! (Laughs.) But in a normal practice day, I’m on the court for two or two and a half hours.

VCO: Then what?
CG: I nap! You know the nap is very important for us. (Laughs.) I try to have a little rest and relax, but for sure nap is very important. You know for us athletes, food and sleep is the way we recover the best. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of things and now I can manage myself better. But it’s still a process. For me, it’s about improving my exercise and everything all the time.

VCO: What’s the best way to take your mind away from tennis and training?
CG: My dog, Endy! She’s eight. She’s very sweet. I go to her when I need a hug. We’ll cuddle in bed. I miss her when I’m on tour, but I love seeing her at home.