Gladys Knight’s Front-Row Seat

Gladys Knight has always been a big tennis fan, but who knew the legendary singer had great hand-eye coordination, too?

The soul artist was front and center for Venus Williams‘ first-round match at the Volvo Car Open in Billie Jean King Stadium Court on Tuesday, cheering for the American start throughout and getting a robust applause from the crowd when tournament emcee Andrew Krasny announced she was in its midst.

But Knight showed just how much of a tennis geek – and athlete?! – she is when she caught a ball in the stands that Venus hit out after her win.

“She’s got some hand eye coordination!” Venus told the media after the match. “[She] sings and play sports; that’s awesome. But Gladys is sweet, and I’ve known her through the years, so it was a nice surprise to see her here. I didn’t know she was coming.”

But we’re glad she did!