Volvo Car Open: Fan Q&A

  1. Why are you changing the name of the tournament from the Family Circle Cup to the Volvo Car Open?

    Earlier this year, Volvo Car announced that it was building a new, state of the art production facility in Berkeley County. As part of their commitment to the Charleston community, Volvo determined that it was going to become involved in a number of events and programs that reflect the tremendous vitality and excitement of the Charleston area.

    This new title sponsor partnership reflects their commitment to the Charleston community as well as to their core audience of Volvo car owners.

  2. How does this change the tennis event in Charleston?

    The tournament will continue to be owned and operated by Charleston Tennis, LLC, a subsidiary of the Meredith Corporation, publisher of Family Circle Magazine. The day-to-day operation of the facility and tournament staffing will remain the same, with our fans continuing to be our number one priority. The importance of recognizing and celebrating women’s professional tennis will maintain at the core of this tournament, and will not diminish under any change in name.

  3. How long is the contract with Volvo as the title?

    3 years

  4. Will the tournament continue to operate at the same caliber?

    If you look other professional sports events, major tournaments continue to thrive despite changes in sponsorship names. The key to thriving is focusing on embracing your past while also building on your future. For example, when our tournament moved from its original location in Hilton Head to Charleston in 2001, it was a reflection of its growth and need for a new facility.

    After the relocation, we maintained the tournament’s heritage and history while embracing its new location in Charleston, which has become a key draw for both attendees and players.

    We plan to continue to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the players both past and present who have made this tournament such an exciting part of the professional women’s tennis circuit and the springboard event for future champions.

  5. How will Family Circle continue to support the event?

    As part of Meredith, Family Circle will continue to support this exciting tournament with both its editorial and marketing platforms. Family Circle and Charleston Tennis, LLC will continue to market the event to Meredith’s 100 million women. The tournament will continue to be owned and operated by Charleston Tennis, LLC, a subsidiary of Meredith Corporation, publisher of Family Circle Magazine. In addition, they will continue to manage and operate the facility on Daniel Island.

  6. How will the change in name impact sponsorship or broadcast coverage?

    We don’t anticipate any drop off in support and in fact, we believe that the change in name will create new opportunities to expand sponsorship opportunities with marketers. We have already received interest from several new and existing sponsors for participating in next year’s tournament.

  7. What happens to the Family Circle Tennis Center?

    Charleston Tennis, LLC. will continue to operate the facilities and event programs including concerts, community events, tennis programs, etc. The Tennis Center will remain the Family Circle Tennis Center where we currently have 400+ members and over 150+ juniors training. All tennis operations will remain the same.