Volvo Car Open partners with Terrace Theater for Battle of the Sexes movie premiere

The Charleston premiere of the new Fox Searchlight Pictures movie Battle of the Sexes will take place at the Terrace Theater on Friday, September 29th at 7pm. The movie is based on the true story of Billie Jean King, played by Emma Stone, and Bobby Riggs, played by Steve Carell, who competed in an iconic 1973 tennis match, billed the “Battle of the Sexes”. The match sparked a global conversation on gender equality, spurring on the feminist movement, and became the most watched televised sports event of all time.

The Volvo Car Open has partnered with the theater to host a special night for Friday’s moviegoers.

The event includes:

  • A Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs look-a-like contest for two ace-worthy prizes
  • Four ‘enter to win’ prize packages from the Volvo Car Open
  • A special gift in all movie seats
  • A free Volvo Car Open ticket for the tournament’s opening weekend

“The Terrace prides itself in its involvement with the community, and has always wanted to work with the Volvo Car Open folks,” said Paul Brown, Terrace Theater owner. “They jumped on the opportunity and the fit is perfect for this remarkable movie, Battle of the Sexes.  We are super excited!”

The “Battle of Sexes” event took place in September 1973, just four months after the inaugural Family Circle Cup (now the Volvo Car Open) in May, where King competed.

The movie portrays the Original Nine, the pioneers of the Women’s Tennis Association. In 2012, these nine remarkable women traveled to Charleston to recreate their now infamous photo holding dollar bills, which at the time symbolized contracts. The same year, the Charleston tournament dedicated its stadium court to Billie Jean King.

If you can’t attend the Friday’s premiere, save your ticket stub for any Battle of the Sexes showings at the Terrace Theater to redeem a free ticket to the Volvo Car Open’s opening weekend.

For more information on purchasing tickets to the film, visit or call 843-762-4247. The movie will run for a minimum of two weeks at the Terrace Theater.

About Battle of the Sexes via Fox Searchlight Pictures:
The electrifying 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) was billed as the BATTLE OF THE SEXES and became the most watched televised sports event of all time.  The match caught the zeitgeist and sparked a global conversation on gender equality, spurring on the feminist movement. Trapped in the media glare, King and Riggs were on opposites sides of a binary argument, but off-court each was fighting more personal and complex battles. With a supportive husband urging her to fight the Establishment for equal pay, the fiercely private King was also struggling to come to terms with her own sexuality, while Riggs gambled his legacy and reputation in a bid to relive the glories of his past. Together, Billie and Bobby served up a cultural spectacle that resonated far beyond the tennis courts and animated the discussions between men and women in bedrooms and boardrooms around the world.

About the Terrace Theater:
The Terrace Theater is a special place. With more than 220,000 customers each year, the Terrace survives and thrives in a world of box stores and soulless business models. Amongst the top 5 percent of the Art House/ Crossover cinemas in the Southeast, the Terrace attracts customers from Seabrook to Sullivan’s Island and beyond. The Terrace I the highest per screen average theater in Charleston.  The Terrace was voted the top 12 independent movie theaters in the USA, and in 2016 USA TODAY voted the Terrace a top 10 attractions in the Carolina’s.