Interview: Danielle Collins (def. Sloane Stephens 6-2 6-2)

Interview: Danielle Collins (def. Sloane Stephens 6-2 6-2)

Credit One Stadium, Credit One Charleston Open 2024 Credit One Charleston Open Day 6 at Credit One Stadium on April 04, 2024 in Charleston, South Carolina.

April 4, 2024

Round of 16 – Danielle Collins (USA) def. Sloane Stephens (USA) 6-2 6-2

MODERATOR: Danielle, congratulations on the match. If you just want to give us your thoughts on your performance today.

DANIELLE COLLINS: Obviously not easy coming out and playing two matches back to back, but very rewarding thing to be able to accomplish against two incredibly high-level players, a top six player and a Grand Slam champion. So I should be able to take this and use it as confidence moving forward. Especially with the previous health and physical challenges that I’ve had, it’s a really rewarding day for me.

Q. Absolutely. So this is your second time as a Charleston quarterfinalist. You were a doubles champion here last year. What is it about the surface do you think really suits your game?

DANIELLE COLLINS: Yeah. I always have felt that clay does suit my game well. Unfortunately, with some previous health issues and surgeries and injuries, I’ve not always been able to play during the clay court season, and so I haven’t played as many tournaments on clay that I previously would have liked to, because I do think when I play on clay and get kind of into a good rhythm, I have some great results. of the tournaments that I’ve won on tour was on clay, and I played a lot on clay as a junior. So it is a surface that I enjoy and that I’m comfortable on, but yeah, I think just being pretty versatile and being able to move around the court and then playing my powerful baseline game, it suits me well.

Q. Last question. So today’s crowd, you had great attendance throughout both of your matches today. How did they help you win these matches back to back

DANIELLE COLLINS: Yeah. I love playing in tournaments in the U.S. I wish we had more tournaments in the U.S., and I think a lot of players feel that way. And so when we get to have these tournaments, we want to take it all in and really get to be here as long as we can. It’s been wonderful facilities here at the tournament and so well organized; Bob has done such a great job, and it was really special to be able to share the court with Bob when he got presented with the award because I do think that a lot of these — a lot of the players on tour, this is one of their favorite events and one that they look forward to coming back to each year.

It’s a special place, and Charleston is a really fun city, and I think that energy, you feel it, and I think the fans really love tennis, and it’s special that we can have an event here.

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