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Volunteer Registration

The Credit One Charleston Open requires 350 volunteers to assist with the tournament each year. These individuals are a huge part of our tournament success and we could not hold our event without them!

New Volunteer applications are now open.

Volunteer is Full - Check back December 2024

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Prepare and maintain courts, including rolling lines, grooming surface, etc. Heavier demand earlier in the week.


Team player, ability to move quickly on court during and between matches, be physically fit and be in direct sunlight throughout your shift.

These volunteers make the “first impression” on the Players, WTA staff and the tournament guests. The Airport Ambassadors are stationed in the baggage claim area at the airport. They help to monitor the arrival of tournament passengers as well as greet and provide instructions where the parties are to meet their tournament provided vehicles.


Must have friendly, calm personality, be comfortable using a radio to communicate with Transportation dispatch. Volunteers must be mature, follow directions and possess the ability to always remain professional.

Greet spectators, hand out Daily Slice, answer questions, direct spectators to courts and enthusiastically assist booth sponsors and hand out prizes when requested. This team will manage Lost & Found. Ambassadors circulate the site as a mobile information source. Directing patrons to the locations of their seating sections in the stadium. Volunteers will rotate between several areas assigned throughout the site, including bus drop off, and be knowledgeable of the tournament to help educate patrons. Flexibility and willingness to assist the tournament in any way needed. Must proactively engage the patrons looking to provide exceptional customer service. Training will prepare you with appropriate referral services via two-way radio.


If you have the gift of “Southern Hospitality”, this is the department for you! Must enjoy direct contact with our patrons. You must possess the ability to alternate between activities seamlessly while providing great customer service. You must be physically fit and able to stand and/or walk while in direct sunlight throughout your shift.

This department is responsible for monitoring the plants and refreshing florals on the tournament grounds. Responsibilities include re-planting single flowers if damaged, dead heading plants if needed, watering hanging baskets and planters if water is required. Keeping our grounds “beautiful” is the goal!


This position requires bending and lifting. Most shifts require the potential to “get a little dirty”, work in the sun, and may require heavy lifting. Pretournament help may be required.

Assists WTA, media, volunteer & vendors with issues related to basic desktop set-up and support as well as low-level networking of printer and wireless application through the site. IT Volunteers are in the Stage House and/or Volunteer area and dispatched to handle issues as they arise.


Must be proficient in IT issues. Additional application required, which will be provided if you are selected.

Volunteers support the media professionals and staff answering phones, making copies, updating information, assisting with press conferences and post-match interviews. In addition, volunteers will help keep the Media Center tidy.


Must possess good customer service skills and must be able to work with media and tennis professionals with discretion. Must always remain calm and professional.

Volunteers provide a pleasant place for players to relax, await matches and enjoy other activities away from the public. They perform a variety of tasks and tidiness maintaining the Player Areas-including inside/outside the lounge, entrance of the Stage House and the new laundry room. Volunteers will assist staff with laundry room responsibilities. Volunteers will also escort Players to match courts (accompanied by Security) and transport Players in golf carts to practice courts.


Must be female due to occasional need to enter the locker room. Must possess good customer service skills. Must be able to work in contact with athletes with discretion. Ability to work in contact with professional athletes without being “star-struck” and maintain a calm demeanor under stressful situations is essential. Must be female due to occasional need to enter the Locker Room.

Ushers check patron’s tickets, helping to find their seats in the specific areas. They restrict patron access to areas based on ticket information and control entrances. Ushers will limit movement to only changeover times and answer general questions. On occasion, they assist with on-court spectator activities. Ideal position for watching matches!


Requires standing in the Stadium and/or outer courts in direct sunlight. Volunteers must be able to navigate the site to the assigned location. This area requires a friendly disposition and the ability to handle patron questions while maintaining a calm professional demeanor. Customer Service skills are a plus!

Assist volunteers with snacks and drinks in the Volunteer Tent. Coordinate with Volunteer Services for daily actives and prizes. Volunteer Café will welcome all volunteers to the “Volunteer Tent” and provide a pleasant area to relax during their breaks.


Friendly disposition, problem solving skills. Must be able to restock beverages, tidy up the area, wipe down tables and greet volunteers. This area has limited access to live tennis and will require seeing matches during your breaks only.

More Volunteer Job Information

Important Dates
  • Uniform Pickup Thursday, March 28th 1:00-5:30pm
  • Volunteer BBQ Thursday, March 28th 6:00-7:30pm
  • Volunteer Training – You will be contacted  by your Department Chair with training schedule
  • March 30-7, 2024 Credit One Charleston Open
  • Volunteer Sale Sunday, April 7th 1 hour after the final match. Must have your Credential to purchase at the discounted rate.
Credential & Uniform Pickup Dates

Thursday, March 28th Pickup Day

  • 1:00PM     Guest Services/Tournament Ambassadors
  • 1:30PM     Player Services / Court Maintenance
  • 2:00PM     Airport Ambassadors/Horticulture
  • 2:30PM     Volunteer Café
  • 3:00PM     Media Center/ IT
  • 4:00PM     Ushers A-K
  • 4:30PM     Ushers L-Z
  • 5:30PM     Closed

Volunteer BBQ on the Grand Lawn

Thursday, March 28 – 6:00-7:30PM

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers – work 6 or 7 Shifts (minimum)

  • Credential, hat, and uniform (The 2024 Uniform consists of a polo shirt and a jacket)

Volunteers – work 8 or 9 Shifts

  • Credential, one guest ticket per day session, hat, uniform
  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • Two-night match tickets (Monday-Friday night)

Volunteers – work 10 Shifts or more

  • Credential, one guest ticket per day session, hat, uniform
  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • Four-night match tickets (Monday-Friday night)
  • Each 10 shift volunteers will receive a credit on their app for food and beverages. This will be accepted at food trucks; concession stands and the food court. This will offer you a wide variety of options to accommodate your dietary restrictions. This credit is for you while you are working. No alcohol purchases will be permitted, in or out of uniform. Do not attempt to purchase items for family or friends.  Please do not put your fellow volunteers in an awkward position.
Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must work a minimum of 6 shifts. Each shift is approximately 4-5 hours. Credentials are good for all nine (day) sessions but tickets are required for night matches. In addition to shifts worked during the tournament, all volunteers are required to attend a training/orientation. We have many changes you need to be aware of.  Trainings will take place in the spring and will be set up according to your assigned work area. You should also plan to bring your items on site in a clear bag.