Question: Amanda, you played another American, night match. How did it feel to get this one done?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, it was super fun playing tonight. I love night matches. So I was really enjoying it out there today. I’m just really happy to be through to the semifinal.

Question: Congratulations. You beat the top seed. You’re on to a semifinal. Is this feeling like a break-through of any kind?

ANISIMOVA: I mean I started off the year playing well. So I was just trying to find that momentum going into this tournament to try and find my game again, because I don’t think I did so well at Indian Wells and Miami. But I was training, and I was working hard, so I knew it would show eventually. And I do really like playing on clay, so I’m just happy that my results have been good this week.

Question: I don’t think you’ve played Ons before. Sort of a variety of game she presents. What kind of challenge is that?

ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I actually played her in Tie Break Tens. So I played a little bit with her. But, yeah, she’s an amazing player. I think it’s really fun to watch her. She has a lot of variety in her game. So it’s definitely going to be tricky tomorrow. But I’ll just try and stay focused and be expecting some long rallies.

Question: Actually, my question about that is when you haven’t played someone before, do you have a particular strategy for preparing, or not?

ANISIMOVA: Not really. I mean, everybody knows what everybody’s game is like. So it doesn’t — it’s not very necessary for me to play someone before. I know how Ons plays. So I’ll just be going in trying to play my game, but also knowing what’s going to be coming from the other side.

Question: Amanda, I think it’s your first semifinal in the U.S. on the WTA Tour. I believe that’s a correct stat. You’ve obviously had great success, obviously, at the French Open. What was the atmosphere like tonight, and is that sort of an extra motivation for you to continue to show American fans that you’re someone to pay attention to?

ANISIMOVA: Yeah, it’s funny because I always feel comfortable at American tournaments. Like I really enjoy playing at home. So it’s surprising I’ve never done well at an American tournament. But, yeah, it’s amazing playing in front of this crowd, especially in Charleston. They’ve been really supportive this week. So I’ve just been having a good time, and hopefully I can go further.

Question: I know you said your dog isn’t coaching you, but —

ANISIMOVA: That was Andrew. (Laughs).

Question: Is your dog’s name Miley?


Question: Miley was court side for the whole match?
ANISIMOVA: Yeah, this whole tournament she’s been court side.

Question: Is that a calming presence? Like do you notice the dog? Or sometimes the dog is trying to get into begs or leaves?

ANISIMOVA: No. She stays calm and composed the entire time. She’s just sleeping. She’s a really good dog. Everybody has been coming up to me, telling me, your dog behaves so well. So, no. She’s good.

Question: How do you spell her name?

ANISIMOVA: M-I-L-E-Y. Like Miley Cyrus.

Question: Like in seriousness, is that kind of calming to have her there court side?

ANISIMOVA: I mean I don’t care when I’m playing my match. I’m not really paying attention. But definitely when I bring her to tournaments, it serves as like a calmness, and kind of just like coming back and having her there, I like it a lot.

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