INTERVIEW: Ekaterina Alexandrova DEF. Magda Linette 6-0 6-2 – QFS

INTERVIEW: Ekaterina Alexandrova DEF. Magda Linette 6-0 6-2 – QFS

QUARTERFINALS: E. Alexandrova DEF. M. Linette – 6-0 6-2

Question: Ekaterina, solid performance for you today. Why don’t you just talk us through the match today.

EKATERINA ALEXANDROVA: Um, I don’t know what to say. I mean, before the match I expected like it to be a tough one because I know Magda and she’s an amazing player, and it’s always tough to play against her, but I also knew that she played yesterday like two three-set matches, and I think she finished like super late, and for her it would be extremely tough to play today. I knew that, but still, I was trying to play every single point, because I know, like you don’t know when, but she can start to play like just amazingly and it will be super tough.

The first set was quite easy for me, and I think somewhere like in the middle of the second set I started having some kind of like issue. There was like a few mistakes, and she started to play much better than she played in the first set. And I knew I needed to finish it as fast as I can because I know like longer playing the better she will play. Yeah.

Question: What were your expectations when you came here? And how does it feel to be where you are now?

ALEXANDROVA: I mean, I didn’t have like any expectations at all, because I know I came here like on Sunday morning. So I didn’t have much time to practice on clay. And like I didn’t have any expectations because I know like clay, it’s not my like favorite surface and like I don’t have like — I don’t know, I just don’t like playing on clay, honestly.

Q. You’re not alone.

ALEXANDROVA: (Laughs). And for me, I came here just like the start of the clay season here, so I will play as many matches as I can, and be now here like in the semifinal for me just like feels just like super amazing, and I’m super excited.

Question: Does it make you feel maybe a little better about clay?

ALEXANDROVA: Yes, of course. Playing semifinals feels like much better. But, still, I mean, I wouldn’t say like it’s my favorite surface now, but at least it’s playable.

Question: For you in your career you’ve had some great results, and I’m just curious, as you continue to play on the pro tour, do you feel like when you’re playing your best tennis, that you can challenge anyone, or where do you see kind of your development now on the WTA?

ALEXANDROVA: I don’t know. Like I don’t think I see it that way because I think start of the season for me it wasn’t that great. I didn’t play a lot, and everything I played I kind of like lost in the first or maximum in the second round. So it’s hard to tell. So I don’t think about it. Honestly, I just like to focus on every single tournament and every single match, because it’s easier for me to manage that.

Question: You play Bencic next. I think you guys have split four matches. Two of them went three sets. I just looked it up.

ALEXANDROVA: Maybe. We’ve played a couple of times. Yeah.

Question: So it’s a close matchup. Do you feel like you match up pretty well with her?

ALEXANDROVA: It’s always tough to play against her because she can play just like unbelievable. And I remember like every time I played against her it was like always tough, and it’s, I don’t know, I think — I don’t know if it always was three sets, but it was like — two sets. It’s always difficult. So I think tomorrow it’s going to be the same.