Explore Charleston Beyond the Baseline

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Explore Charleston Beyond the Baseline

Charleston, home to the award-winning Credit One Charleston Open, boasts a vibrant culture, rich history, exquisitely-preserved architecture, an idyllic coastal location, a celebrated dining scene, and friendly locals, making it one of America’s best-loved travel destinations.

Embark on a journey and discover how Charleston speaks to you with the help of our Beyond the Baseline guides:

City Favorites from Charleston’s WTA Pros

Follow in the footsteps of three Hologic WTA Tour pros who call Charleston home. Let Emma Navarro’s, Shelby Rogers’ and Alison Riske-Amritraj’s favorite things to do, see, and eat influence your Lowcountry itinerary.

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10 Reasons We Love Charleston

Discover why Charleston captures the hearts of visitors with its historical riches, culinary delights, coastal beauty, vibrant arts scene, and legendary Southern hospitality.


Charleston’s Hidden Gems

From Philadelphia Alley to Lighthouse excursions and the majestic Angel Oak Tree, let Lowcountry Local Josh Marthers of News 2 help you uncover some of Charleston’s lesser-known treasures.


Family-Friendly Activities in Charleston

Embark on family adventures in Charleston, from a beach day on Sullivan’s Island to educational and cultural experiences at the South Carolina Aquarium and Gibbes Museum of Art.


Activities for History Buffs

Charleston’s storied past is palpable as you stroll through its cobblestone streets and historic neighborhoods. Hear from the Historic Charleston Foundation’s Director of Museums Grahame Long to discover five of his favorite activities for history buffs in the Charleston area!


As you can see, Charleston offers a world of experiences waiting to be explored, both on and off the tennis court. So go ahead, venture beyond the baseline and discover the magic of Charleston for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Beyond the Baseline guides are presented in partnership with Explore Charleston, the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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