Interview: [15] Amanda Anisimova def. [1] Aryna Sabalenka 3-6 6-4 6-3 – 3rd round

Interview: [15] Amanda Anisimova def. [1] Aryna Sabalenka 3-6 6-4 6-3 – 3rd round

ROUND OF 16: A. Anisimova def. A. Sabalenka – 3-6 6-4 6-3

Question: Amanda, a long match against a big hitter. How did you feel you did today?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, it’s always a tough match against Aryna. I think we played some good tennis today. So I’m very happy with how it went today and how I was able to win the second set and then fight in the third.

Question: There were a lot of momentum swings in that match, and I’m wondering, for you, was there any particular key, anything that you changed or did that eventually got you the momentum?

ANISIMOVA: Um, I think it was just staying in it as much as I could and really trying to dig deep for every point. And then I think my serve kept getting better as the match went on. So I think that was a huge positive.

Question: Going off that, kind of what does that shift in momentum kind of feel like on the court?

ANISIMOVA: I mean, the player normally doesn’t feel it. Like you’re always just trying to do your best and trying to win each game. So the score isn’t that important, because it can go back and forth whenever. So it can be up and down like very quickly. So just keep focusing on your game and trying to improve and use the variety in the game.

Question: Heading into the quarterfinals, I think this is the farthest you’ve got while you’ve been here in Charleston. What has been working for you here I guess the past three or four days?

ANISIMOVA: Yeah. It’s the best I’ve done in Charleston so far. I’ve really enjoyed playing here in front of the crowd. They’ve been really fun to play in front of. So I think that’s honestly been really enjoyable, just playing every single match, no matter the outcome and just enjoying the moment. So I think that’s what helped me.

Question: Amanda, I don’t know if you’ve played CoCo before, but she’s obviously having a good run here. Now you’ll play in the quarterfinals. What does that matchup look like for you?

ANISIMOVA: Yeah. She’s been doing well. I think she got here through the qualis as well. She has many matches under her belt. She’s also a big hitter. So it’s good that I had that preparation today. I played a little bit with her at World Team Tennis. So I know her game a little bit. So we’ll see. I’m sure it will be a good match.

Question: Can you just talk a little bit more about your team? It seems like you’re in a transition stage having worked with Darren, and now I think your mom is here. What’s the setup been like? How do you take more control of your own tennis when maybe it’s a little bit more up to you?

ANISIMOVA: I have my mom and my fitness coach here. My fitness coach has been doing a lot for me, like all the fitness stuff and also trying to be my tennis coach, like feeding me balls and serving to me when I need it. So, yeah, he does a lot of work. So I’m very grateful for him. I’ve been working with him since last summer, so he’s been a huge addition to my team and has helped me a lot this past year. In terms of tennis coaches right now, I’ve been working with (indiscernible) like who I worked with also a lot in the last year, and especially in my preseason. He just isn’t able to travel. So I work with him when I’m at home. And, yeah, I’m still — I mean, I’ve decided who I’m going to be with in Europe, but you guys will find out when I’m there.

Question: You have your dog here with you…

ANISIMOVA: Yeah, she’s not going to be in Europe. She’s not going to be my main coach there.

Question: I guess it’s just one win, but what can you take away, if any, from knocking off the one seed?

ANISIMOVA: Well, it’s already my third win this week, so it’s a pretty good result, like in the quarterfinal, and especially against a top seed. It’s a big confidence boost. So, yeah, I mean, having that under my belt this week, I think it’ll bring me more confidence for tomorrow.

Amanda Anisimova