Interview: [4] Ons Jabeur def. Irina-Camelia Begu 6-3 6-2 – 3rd round

Interview: [4] Ons Jabeur def. Irina-Camelia Begu 6-3 6-2 – 3rd round

ROUND OF 16: O. JABEUR DEF. I.C. BEGU – 6-3 6-2

Question: Strange day at the office. Right? How did you sort of handle the roller coaster?

ONS JABEUR: Well, very long day, you know. I was frustrated. I wanted to finish yesterday. But, you know, it is what it is. I’m glad that I finished quick in the morning. And tonight was really tricky. She was making a lot of mistakes, and then all of a sudden a lot of winners. So to kind of adapt to that kind of changes, it was a little bit tough. But I’m glad that I really won my serve at the end.

Question: You’ve had success here, obviously, in the past. But how different is it this year to have the energy around from the crowd? And now that you’re a Top 10 player, getting into the quarterfinals must feel good, but do you almost expect yourself to get there?

JABEUR: Yeah. I mean, I always know that I play good here. I mean, first time as a Top 10, first time as, you know, to play in the center court. It’s much bigger than the other courts. But I am glad that it feels the same energy, always nice here, except the rain. But everything is really nice people, make the long trip to U.S. really cool.

Question: If I can ask you about Emma from earlier. What did you think about her game? You played her last night and today. What did you think about her game?

JABEUR: I mean, I think she plays really well. Just there is a few things that, I mean, if she wants to hear, but I mean I can — there is a few things that she needs to improve, obviously, in this level. It’s much, much different than juniors and ITFs. I know. I’ve been through that. And she has a heavy ball. So I think if she works more on certain things, that if she wants, I can tell her, then she can really be good. I mean, I know on tour if you have like the tools or not have it, you can always make it if you believe enough.

Question: Especially in the first set, I think she had a couple of opportunities to take leads.

JABEUR: Yeah. I think it’s a little bit lack of experience that she didn’t take those shots. But, I mean, she plays really good, and I wish her the best for the future.

Question: Kalinina in the quarterfinals.

JABEUR: Okay. I didn’t know that. Was the match long?

Question: Well, 7-6, 7-5.

JABEUR: Okay. I hope Alizé made her tired. But I trust Alizé with grabbing all the shots.

Question: I think she came through qualis, or at least has played a lot of tennis this week.

JABEUR: Okay. Then we’ll make her more run tomorrow. I don’t think I played her before. Maybe I played her a long time ago. I can’t remember. But I know she’s a good player. She’s really tough to play. I’m ready for everything, you know. The most important thing for me is I’m enjoying being here. I love the crowd. I love the center court. Just hope the rain could give us the chance to play. Hope there is no rain tomorrow.

Ons Jabeur