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April 4, 2024

Round of 32 – Ons Jabeur lost to Danielle Collins 3-6 1-6 3-6

MODERATOR: Tough loss today. Can you just give us your overall thoughts on the match today?

ONS JABEUR: Yeah. I think it was up-and-down match. I mean, it’s tough to play players that have confidence, and Danielle is playing really good. I wish I could got the win today, but I feel like already taking a set from her was a good start. So I’ll try to keep it positive.

Q. When you run into players on a streak like she is, how tough does that make it?

ONS JABEUR: I think it’s pretty tough, obviously, but there is always a way to win against these players. I feel like I don’t have any matches in. So that didn’t help me much. And she just coming from hard court. But, yeah, Danielle, already to play her anytime is always tough.

But, yeah, I mean, it’s good that she’s keeping up and doing well, and wish her all the best for the future.

Q. This is the shortest stay you’ve had in Charleston in a while. ONS JABEUR: Yeah. Actually, I’ve been here a long time. I came just right after Miami. So I’ve been here for, I think, ten days. Or, no, more.

Q. Is it sad that you have to leave?

ONS JABEUR: Yeah, definitely. I love this city so much. I love the crowd, and, yeah, it’s one of the good tournaments. Unfortunately, the draw is really, really tough this here. I feel they change up a little bit, the WTA thing, and the good players meet very, very soon. But, yeah, it is what it is. It’s tennis, and hopefully maybe I can come back next year and have a better draw and run in this city.

Q. Ons, you’re on record as supporting the WTA Tour finals in Saudi Arabia. They made that announcement today. What’s your reaction? ONS JABEUR: I’m very biased here, as you know. But, honestly, I’m very supportive for this decision. As an Arab woman, as someone that grew up wanting to have more and more tournaments in Arab countries, obviously. I know some people maybe here have a different opinion about Saudi. I do understand, but I wish they could be open about hearing what I have to say or what women there have to say.
I think it’s a great opportunity. I wish people would be more supportive, obviously. I mean, that’s the only tournament. They’re actually respecting us because they offered us very good prize money. Maybe not everything is about the money, but I see like — I don’t see any offer being the same as in Saudi. I feel, also, it’s a great opportunity for us to be there and continue for the changes that they’re making for women. I know how it was before, and I see how it is right now. I’ve been there a couple of times. And, honestly, I see a lot of comments about human rights all the time. But I do think like it’s a country, it’s getting there and giving a lot of more rights than any country, to be honest with you.

Q. What was the difference just in the second and third set? You were able to come back in the second set, but obviously the third set was a little bit different. What was the difference as far as mindset or that kind of thing?

ONS JABEUR: I feel like, you know, it’s always crazy shots with Danielle. She hits shots, and it can be on the line, it can be far, and I was trying to hold up, hold up. I thought I was just keeping the ball in and then trying to play better and better. I do feel like she made more mistakes in the second set, and it helped me be more better. But, you know, just I feel like it was being played a couple of points apart.

I wish could like keep my serve in the third set. It’s obviously sometimes very, very difficult when she returns very well. You don’t know if you need to hit hard the ball or you need to make more serves in. And sometimes it’s really frustrating when you think you serve really well and she has a good return.

So I do think the second set was just the continuance of the first set of playing better and better and putting more balls in.

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